A Philippine startup is making incredible prefab homes from your favourite architects


One of the world’s top art collectors has founded what could be the Philippines’ first unicorn

Christian de Portzamparc’s Sails House, Revolution Precrafted

For a relatively affordable price, Filipinos can get their hands on the best the world’s designers have to offer.

Revolution Precrafted received an infusion of capital from global tech giant 500 Startups to the tune of USD15.4 million earlier this month. With USD110 million in sales and a valuation of USD256 million, the year-old startup is angling to be the first unicorn in the Philippines, with or without the help of angel investors.

“I wanted to have a cross-border transaction business,” said founder Robbie Antonio, who also serves as managing director of real estate group Century Properties. “That’s what makes it really geared towards being, I believe, the first Philippine unicorn.”

So what is it that has made investors gaga in the startup? The firm ships homes precrafted by world-famous designers to property developers and homebuyers alike. Turnaround time for orders are within 90 days.

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“We’re changing the landscape of home building. Now you have the world’s best architects at your fingertips for an affordable price,” Robbie tells Tech in Asia. On board are such names as Zaha Hadid, David Salle, Tom Dixon, Marcel Wanders, and Lenny Kravitz’s Kravitz Design.

Antonio is one of the world’s top 100 art collectors, who has commissioned Julian Schnabel and Marilyn Minter to do portraits of him. “We’re applying the home as an art concept as well. They’re collectibles.”

Precrafted homes pose a global market opportunity of USD100 billion. the average cost of Antonio’s precrafted houses is a relative steal at USD120,000.

“I believe in design democratisation. It should not just be the upper echelons who should be able to afford great architecture,” he said.

Expect the rise of chic and innovative designer prefab homes this 2017. Revolutionize modern living with vibrant, design-forward structures.

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Inclined shapes enable the Butterfly House to both stand out and incorporate its beauty with any location or environment. Sun-breakers filter natural light making the prefab home energy efficient and environment friendly. #TheButterflyHouse #ElizabethDePortzamparc #EDP #PrefabHomes #Prefabricated #Architecture #Revolution #RevolutionPrecrafted

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