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When Property Report originally launched in the spring of 2004, Southeast Asia was an economy on the cusp. Many of the region’s markets were still licking wounds inflicted by the 1997 Asian financial crisis and few could predict what was about to happen…

Over the next decade, Asian markets exploded and the region became one of the world’s most desirable investment destinations, as well as home to a dynamic architecture and interior design scene. Property Report has been there every step of the way and has naturally become Asia’s leading luxury real estate, architecture and design publication – a must-read for affluent individuals, savvy investors, design aficionados, market observes, and you… we hope!

Our website, Property-Report.com, features listings of Asia Property Award-winning developments, exclusive interviews with the Property Report Real Estate Personality of the Year winners, a spotlight on the annual Asia’s Best Resort Residences list, and more than 100 news articles each month, receiving 60,000 page views monthly.

You’ll notice that all content on the site is completely free, but we do need to make money (journalists can’t live on coffee alone) to continually keep you updated, entertained and informed. You’ll therefore occasionally see articles listed as ‘sponsored’ and ‘promoted’.

Sponsored articles are commissioned by our editorial team and the sponsor, although they are likely to be featured in the article, have no say over the final copy, which will be written in Property Report’s unique and recognisable style and will refrain from conveying any brand message. The sponsor will be clearly marked, as well as their products.

Promoted posts, on the other hand, have been written for a specific – and clearly marked – marketer (think advertorial), and while the article will carry an overt product message, it will still maintain our authoritative and engaging voice.

So, how can you keep up to date with all that is luxury real estate, architecture and design in Asia? Simple!

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