Cambodian architects to get back to basics at this bamboo festival


Mark your calendar green

Bamboo is strong, durable, eco-friendly and attractive as a building material. Image: boziyazz/Shutterstock

Six of Cambodia’s best and brightest architecture and engineering universities will compete at the maiden CAMBOO Festival in Phnom Penh next month.

Organised by Building Trust International, the festival will showcase the most ingenious uses of bamboo in passive, sustainable design and architecture.

Festivalgoers of all ages will be treated to shows, demonstrations, and various activities, while various eco-friendly, low-impact, artisanal goods are on offer in an eco-market setting.

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Building Trust is also running a design challenge for a bamboo pavilion that will form the centerpiece of the fair. The challenge is open to architects, designers and engineers worldwide.

“We want to celebrate Cambodia’s natural resources and landscape and promote the amazing new industries working with natural products and providing sustainable development strategies that protect and enhance the environment for all those living in Cambodia and Southeast Asia,” David Cole, the founder and director of Building Trust International, told

CAMBOO Festival will run for an entire week at the end of March in Phnom Penh’s Freedom Park.

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