Dog houses join the smart home revolution


It’s a dog’s life, 2016 style

Image credit: Dog Parker
Image credit: Dog Parker

Not all establishments are pet-friendly. You can go inside a coffee shop or watch over your dog outside; you can’t do both.

Leaving him or her outside is not exactly a tenable situation either. Dog theft is an increasingly common crime in the US. The American Kennel Club has seen an increase in dog thefts every year since it started tracking them in 2008. Around 637 dogs were reported stolen in 2014 alone, a 4.5 percent increase from the previous year.

Now a startup is solving this conundrum by bringing the smart home revolution to dog houses.

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Dog Parker is a state-of-the-art doghouse that can lock and unlock by way of a mobile device app. The namesake company is partnering with a network of establishments to offer these doghouses; you’ll soon see 100 Dog Parkers around Brooklyn over the next three months. Five Dog Parkers have been beta-tested across nine locations in the borough.

The smart dog houses are on demand, with members sniffing out (no pun intended) available kennels in the area via their smartphone app. Dog owners pay USD25 a year to be a member, with a stay inside the kennel ticking at just USD.20 per minute.

The kennels are self-cleaning. A UVC sanitation light sweeps the insides for surface-level cleaning in between lodgings. A maintenance worker visits on-site every day to perform a thorougher clean on the kennels.

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