Forecast for South East Asia property market steady but not spectacular

Singapore’s residential outlook for the next 12 months is one that could see decline on the back of QE3 and other factors.

Rents continued to rise in most of South East Asia and moderate rental growth is expected in the next 12 months, according to the Asia Pacific Economy & Property Markets report released by Jones Lang LaSalle.

Investors continued to be active across Asia Pacific and residential investment volumes held at similar levels to the same time last year. Rents and capital values continued to rise in most markets and sectors, albeit at a modest pace, according to the report

China and most emerging South East Asia markets saw residential rents rise by nearly four percent and the property market remained generally healthy in the region.

However, residential demand in Hong Kong and Singapore remained subdued and the pair could see further decline in the short term due to slower corporate expansion, the report noted.

The report concluded that the office and retail sectors should generally deliver higher returns than the residential sector, which is likely to see continued policy restrictions in various markets.

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