How to make the most out of your old aircraft


We all have spare planes laying around, right?

Photo by Reuters/Steve Dipaola
Bruce Campbell’s airplane home cost in Portland, Oregon (Reuters/Steve Dipaola)

A man from Portland, Oregon has become an internet sensation after he converted a retired airplane into his home.

Business Insider reports that Bruce Campbell has always dreamed of living inside a real aircraft, so he spent around USD220,000 to modify an old Boeing 727 and make it his main residence.

The plane, which Campbell acquired in 1999, is now parked in the woods in Portland. It has a living area, a kitchen, a bed space, and even a “home office” where the 65-year-old former electrical engineer can do his work.

In case you’re wondering, the airplane home has electricity and has running water like any normal, modern house, according to

The retired engineer loves living inside an aircraft so much that he is planning to buy another one for Japan, where he stays for several months a year.

Would you live in a converted airplane home?

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