Mercedes-Benz debuts first yacht on the coast of the French Riviera


Extremely limited, only 10 units will be made for sale


Luxury automobile maker Mercedes-Benz dreamt of translating its outstanding S-class car into yacht form, and now that dream is a reality. reports that the company has set to sail its first-ever yacht in the South of France on the coast of the French Riviera. Dubbed the “Arrow 460 Granturismo Edition 1”, the luxury boat was built in collaboration with yacht manufacturer Silver Arrows Marine.

It took four years for the duo to realise the concept that debuted at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2012. Resembling the popular 2016 AMG GT-S automobile, the motor yacht design has been described as “marine mobility to aesthetic perfection.”

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Granturismo measures 14 metres long and features 480 horsepower twin Yanmar diesel engines. It is capable of speeding up to 30 knots, with a top speed of 40-plus knots (when carrying a light load).

Inside, there is a bed space, luxurious bathroom with a separate dressing room, high-quality sound system, airconditioning system, an ice-making machine, and a wine cellar.

Mercedes-Benz has announced that only 10 yachts will be built, and only one unit will be sold in a country, according to Selling price has not been confirmed, but it is reported to be in the vicinity of USD1.7 million.

Ensuring each unit’s uniqueness, the makers will allow modifications and customisations, just as long as yacht’s branded design principles are met.

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