New innovations for Asian real estate


In mid-2008, a new, user-friendly design for was launched. Incorporating the corporate colours of black and magenta, the new-look web site presents its news content and opinion and analysis content in an easy-to-read and easy-to-find way, with the top five most popular stories at the time shown in a box top left of each page. All news content is now categorised by country. All news stories appear on the homepage and are also filed on the relevant country ´homepages´ which can be accessed from the top navigation bar. “The top navigation bar allows users to go to their area of interest with just one click. And using Google Analytics, we can see which country sections are most popular. This will allow us to offer more user-specific advertising, which is an innovation we are working on now and will be launched very soon,” said Duncan Worthington, Managing Director of Ensign Media Co. Ltd, owners of the web site. The top navigation bar will soon incorporate drop down menus on each country allowing the user easier access to the large archives of country-related news and content which the web site currently hosts. In December 2008 a new property listing module was launched on the site. The new module presents properties in a clean and professional way, providing the user with a description of each property, list of amenities, a gallery of up to 10 photos, and price. The vendor of each property is identified (a logo of the agent or developer is included) and all inquiries go direct to the vendor. “We commissioned a customised property listing module for the site. It is designed to be simple to use and provides the required information a buyer needs. Using ´shopping basket´ technology, the user can add a selection of properties to their basket to view later, or then ´cash out´ and inquiries will automatically be sent to each respective vendor accordingly,” commented Worthington. “Following a month of testing, in January we launched our ´Automated Agent Programme´. The AAP is a fully integrated software solution. Our web technicians work with an agent´s IT team to install the AAP system on their website (very quick, and simple). Once installed, it will automatically add all property listings on and as and agent changes listings on their website they will be automatically updated in real time on This means your listings on remain up-to-date like your own website, and with our software it means you don´t need to spend hours and days to upload them to Our software does all the work. And we don´t act as a middleman or take commissions. This service is offered for an annual fee,” added Worthington. All properties in the database can then be accessed through the quick and easy-to-use Property Search box in prime position on the top right of the site. The Property Search box appears on the same place on every page throughout the website. A large selection of properties from around Asia are currently listed on, including properties in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand and soon one agent in Australia will soon go live with over 3,000 properties on the site. “Despite the global economic downturn, traffic has remained consistent, with December and January showing an increase in the number of unique visitors, and an increase in the time each visitor spends on the site. is 100% about property. Site visitors are therefore interested in property and ´pre-qualified´, and we can see more and more people are using the Property Search to find their second home, retirement home or investment property in Asia. This bodes well for the future of Asian real estate,” said Worthington. For more information,