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Prinsiri’s quest for sustainability and beauty in the heart of the Thai capital

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One of Thailand’s most active property developers, with more than 60 projects already completed, Prinsiri has moved into the high-end and embraced sustainability with its latest residential venture, PRINN Sathorn-Ratchaphruek, which launched earlier this year, looks set to provide residents with a breath of fresh air in the heart of Bangkok’s bustling centre.

Here, Prinya “Ball” Kovitchindachai, Prinsiri’s vice president of business development, discusses the sustainable elements of the 169-unit PRINN Sathorn-Ratchaphruek, and why he believes urban residents’ are increasingly looking to the great outdoors.

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There is a significant focus on bringing the outdoors inside at the project. What is the inspiration behind this and how is it achieved?

For a long time, and even today, the majority of people are addicted to air conditioning.  We sleep in air-conditioned rooms, work in air-conditioned offices, eat in air-conditioned restaurants and shop in air-conditioned malls. Over the past few years, however, we have seen a shift in people’s behaviour. We have seen the emergence of outdoor community malls, more restaurants incorporating larger outdoor spaces and we see cyclists cycling in large groups all around town. Outdoor spaces have become associated with leisure time, activities and hobbies and signify a removal from all of the synthetic, boxed-in and air-conditioned cities we live in.

I certainly think people are becoming more in tune with the natural environment around them and this is the basis for the creation of our “Nature Room”—an outdoor space that has been designed to be an integral part of the house. Indeed, the indoor areas are designed to be open and airy, connecting each room of the home with the outdoors in an elegant and modern way.

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What are the standout architectural and interior design features of the project?

The key architectural uniqueness of the PRINN project is the creation of an L-Shape house as opposed to the traditional Square shape that can be found in the majority of projects in this segment of the market. We gave priority to the “Nature Room”, which completes the L-Shape and turns the entire property into a complete square shape.  This outdoor area is visible from almost every room of the house on both first and second floor. It becomes an integral part of the house. The outdoor area also becomes very private, as it is blocked from view by the façade of the house.  Furthermore, when two houses are plotted next to each other, the alignment of the two “Nature Rooms” creates a combined, large green space.  When four of these houses are plotted together, the effect is compounded. This has a naturally cooling effect for the neighbourhood, because there is so much more green space in the project.

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We also explored different green materials and technologies that could be incorporated into the PRINN development. We used LEDs for street lamps on the main road, incorporated bicycle lanes to encourage residents to spend more time in the outdoors and insulated the areas of the buildings that are most susceptible to sunlight, such as the roof and the east and west sides of the building.  We also use a variety of green materials throughout the house that will help save utilities cost.

Sustainabilty in the city_Property Report_2For this project, we had to balance the inclusion of green designs and technologies with affordability. However, I think we can do more.  Late last year, I founded PrinEnergy, as a subsidiary of Prinsiri, in order to explore the use of solar cells to push the limits of sustainable living in Thailand. I think we are doing some interesting work and exploring ideas and concepts with both the private and public sector.

What does this project offer investors and homeowners that they can’t find elsewhere in Bangkok?

While it is possible to find homes on wide areas of land in the upcountry, PRINN offers breathing space just one kilometre from the Bang Wa BTS and MRT station. Living in this community, residents will be connected with nature, while being isolated from the pollution of the city.

Located on Ratchaphruek Road, which is the prime location of the Bangkok’s Thonburi area and just a few kilometres away from the financial district of Sathorn and Silom, the project is in the midst of many upscale residential developments, and close to popular lifestyle destinations such as Asiatique The River Front, Jam Factory and The Circle. Basically, this is a residential community with a focus on green living, located very close to mass-transit systems in a prime area in Bangkok. Residents really get the best of both worlds.

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