This Australian house comes with its own Porsche


Vroom vroom

Auction of the "classic villa" is by ePlace. Image: ePlace.
Auction of the “classic villa” is by ePlace. Image: ePlace

It’s not exactly a buy-one get one free purchase, but it’s still pretty novel – this house in Brisbane, Australia comes with its very own Porsche.

The high-end four-bedroom, three-bathroom property in the upper-crust neighbourhood of Chelmer, is being sold at auction, and includes a 1993 Posche Carrera 911, worth USD100,000, reports Mansion Global.

The auction will take place on 3 December, and while it is being offered with no reserve price, homes in the area typically reach USD738,000.

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So why include a car in your house sale?

“It was a choice between dealing with a car salesman or a real estate agent,” listing agent Brad Robson said—and the real estate agent won.

The garage to the home includes a car hoist to lift the car off the ground – allowing for three cars to be stored in the otherwise two-car garage.

The current owner is looking to downsize both home and car for his retirement. The Porsche was bought as a “grandpa gift” to himself upon the birth of his first granddaughter, but now it’s low-riding stick shift has become harder to operate.

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